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School Leadership

IMG_0849Silvia Kruger, Principal

Silvia Kruger is delighted to be the principal of The Intergenerational School, where she began her teaching career in 2001. She has experience teaching all the learning Stages at TIS and took on the role of principal in 2013. Mrs. Kruger loves all school subjects but especially loves reading and still teaches reading groups on a daily basis. It makes her day when students share their favorite books with her and especially when they share their writing. On Fridays, Mrs. Kruger takes the day off and Queen Lily (character from Kevin Henkes, ‘Chester’s Way’ and ‘Lily’s Plastic Purse’) makes an appearance. She greets students with bubbles or a touch of enchantment from her special star wand!

Grades Served

The Intergenerational Schools is serving students in grades K - 8.  If you are interested in reading more about the School's policy click here to find TIS 2017-2018 Family Handbook.

School History

Founded in 2000 by Dr. Cathy Whitehouse & Dr. Peter Whitehouse, The Intergenerational School has consistently been recognized as one of the leading public charter schools in the country. TIS is located in Cleveland, Ohio, serves grades K-8, and is a free public school.

Board Membership

TIS is governed by an all volunteer group of talented Board Members. Please find our full directory of Intergenerational Board Members by clicking here  If you would like to see the full 2017-2018 monthly board meeting calendar, please click here


Ohio's Career Advising Policy (ORC 3313.6020)

The Intergenerational School complies with Ohio's Career Advising requirements (ORC 3313.6020). To see the school's Career Advising Policy, click here

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: The Intergenerational Schools connect, create and guide a multigenerational community of lifelong learners and spirited citizens.

Our Vision: The Intergenerational Schools are successful Intergenerational Learning Communities that are transforming Cleveland, and the world, into a better and more equitable global community.  The Intergenerational Schools will serve as a model to encourage and assist other communities to create similar learning environments.

Innovative Academic Program

Our educational model was born from the desire to create a school that honored and respected children and enabled them to each learn in a time frame and manner that suited their individual capabilities. To do this meant rejecting age as the single most important factor in organizing the educational environment and experiences.

Our schools were founded on two mainstay principles:

  • Learning is a lifelong developmental process
  • Knowledge is socially constructed

Academic Results

We are proud of our students' most recent accomplishments on the Ohio Department of Education exams. You can find our full school report card on the ODE website here.

Enrichment, Clubs & Sports

It is always our goal to reach the whole child, and we strive for a balance of athletic and non-athletic after school extracurriculars. We have over a dozen enrichment clubs per trimester, which change based on student interest. Clubs have included yoga, chess, Japanese culture, gardening, and calligraphy.

We also offer basketball and cheerleading after school for students age 10 through 15. 

St. Luke's Boys & Girls Club

The St. Luke's Boys & Girls Club is located in the same building and offers free after school care for students six and older. Visit their Facebook Page for more information, or call 216-400-8212.

House Bill 410 (HB410)

Starting in the 17/18 school year all public and charter schools in the state of Ohio must implement HB410.  This law is meant to address student truancy and excessive absenteeism for all students. According to the law, schools may not suspend or expel students for chronic absenteeism or habitual truancy, but instead provide other ways to promote compliance and school attendance. Additionally, schools must develop Absence Intervention Plans for students who exceed the absence limits outlined in the law.

All time out of school – including time missed for coming in late and early dismissals – is included in student attendance totals. Limiting scheduled appointments to before or after-school and weekend hours will help students avoid reaching the new absence limits. Please be sure to report absences to the school office (attendance line) each day as well as submit a doctor’s excuse for verification of any student absences for medical reasons.

If you have any questions or would like to read the HB410 requirements for all Ohio schools, please click here.

College Credit Plus

The Intergenerational School participates in the College Credit Plus program (CCPP) which enables students to earn credit toward a degree from an institution of higher education while enrolled in middle school. Seventh and eight graders may be eligible based on academic, personal, financial and educational criteria and must express interest between February 15th and April 1st. More information is available by contacting the Principal of the school.