Student Outcomes at The Intergenerational School

The Intergenerational Schools are proud to deliver outstanding results for all our life long learners in a variety ways. We have been recognized for the unique and meaningful impact we have had on our learners by the Alzheimers Community, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. EPA, Ohio Department of Education, and many other organizations. Our founding school TIS is the only public charter school to have received EIGHT “Excellent” or better ratings by the State of Ohio. And Near West Intergenerational School, even though it doesn’t quality for a state rating yet, would be rated “Excellent” based on its first year student outcomes.

One way to quantify our results for our students is to examine our results on the Ohio Achievement Assessments. This most recent year, our students dramatically outperformed their peers at the city and state level on average in every subject level.

Our students also dramatically close and REVERSE that achievement gap that exists between white students and African American students in almost every major city in the United States. TIS has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for our work in closing and reversing this gap, selected as 1 of 7 schools nationally for its innovative and effective work on behalf of our students.

Critical Acclaim for The Intergenerational School

TIS won the nationally-acclaimed Eisner Prize for Intergenerational Excellence in 2014, given to the top organization nationally working to unite ‘multiple generations, especially seniors and youth, to bring about positive and lasting changes in their community.’

Of 3,000 charter schools operating nationwide, TIS is 1 of only 7 K-8 charters in the entire country to be featured in the U.S. Department of Education's K-8 Charter Schools Guide: Closing The Achievement Gap.

TIS has received only "Excellent with Distinction," "Excellent" & "Effective" ratings on their Ohio State Report Card. Of the 300 charter schools in Ohio, TIS is the ONLY K-8 charter school to receive 8 "Excellent" or better ratings!

Intergenerational Schools Co-Founder Dr. Cathy Whitehouse was named School Leader of the Year by the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools in 2011/12.

TIS was the first Ohio school accepted as a member of Schools That Can, a national organization made up of high performing urban schools across the country. 

TIS is a four-year Ohio School of Promise, recognized for closing the achievement gap and generation high achievement for all students. "Courageous leadership, caring teachers, and a positive school environment."

TIS received the national MindAlert Award from the American Society of Aging for its unique life-long learning programs. The MindAlert Award recognized innovation in mental fitness programming for older adults.

TIS received the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools Constant Quality award, for schools rated Excellent or Effective for at least three consecutive years, among other honors.

A joint project of TIS, Judson Park Assisted Living, and the Shaker Nature Center was the 1st place winner in the national US EPA Rachel Carson Sense of Wonder Contest.

Research conducted at TIS recognized as "most innovative psychosocial intervention of 2008" by the Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) and Foundation Mederic Alzheimer (FMA) during ADI conference in Singapore, March 2009. 

TIS is one of only three schools in Ohio to receive a prestigious Federal Dissemination Grant to help other public schools improve.